Bombay Grill – the Indian restaurant in Sunny Beach

Bombay Grill, authentic Indian restaurant in Sunny Beach

Authentic Indian cuisine in the center of Sunny Beach

Bombay Grill, The Indian Restaurant in Sunny Beach offers authentic Indian cuisine, prepared in traditional style or upon clients request the way the client want it. The menu includes as well European and traditional Bulgarian dishes in order to satisfy every taste at very reasonable prices.

The restaurant is situated in the very center of Sunny Beach, between Diamond hotel and the Kuban bus stop. The large trees in the garden provide freshness in days so feel free to come by and have a cold orange fresh with a coffee in the daytime while your kids play around in the playground. For your convenience, the restaurant offers Wi-Fi internet connection.

The restaurant is open from 10 in the morning till 24 and the busiest time is after 6 o’clock in the afternoon till 23.00 when the majority of visitors come to have their curry, so if you plan to visit the restaurant at this time it will be a good idea to make a call and reserve a table for just in case. Occasionally, in this time the kitchen is so busy, that it happens for the meal to take longer than usual to be prepared.


  1. adam and stacey

    We enjoyed a beautiful meal here whilst on holiday in bulgaria july 2012.
    The best place by far in sunny beach to eat! The staff where amazing and friendly, they made you feel really comfortable and relaxed, beautiful music played and first class service!
    The food was really really delicious it has to be the best indian we have ever eaten.
    Very generous with the portions, huge tender peices of meat in the curry dishes!
    We took our leftovers home to our apartment with us and ate it the next night as there was plenty left over!

    Thank you for a wonderful meal, we just wish wish we had eaten there more than once!

  2. Colin

    Do you deliver to St.Vlas? Would love to try your food.

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